Those little black bugs with white wings are “swarmer” termites. As a termite professional we refer to them as Alates. Most people when they picture termites think of the little white ones that look like grains of rice and you are right they are termites also. Every year from mid-March to mid-May termites swarm. This is when the ESTABLISHED colony produces a winged member and when the weather is all perfect the queen will give the order to fly. This is when most home and business owners find out they have termites.

First ORDER of business is to calm down and take a breath! I promise it’s not the end of the world. Second thing is call Benton County Termite, the name you TRUST. This not something you can DO YOURSELF. The fact that the swarm has occurred in your home tells you several things. First thing is they have attacked your home and second one is the simple fact that the colony produced swarmers tells you its a mature colony. This means there could be up to a million of the white ones that have identified your home or business as a food source.

I say again do not panic! Think of the swarmers as smoke and where there is smoke there is fire. The swarmers are the symptom of the problem. Be thankful they swarmed and let you know of their presence. Now it’s time to choose a treatment and THE RIGHT COMPANY to perform that treatment and be there for years to come to watch over your home so this does not happen again. Your ENTIRE home needs to be inspected and treated accordingly.