Whether you love them or hate them, we have to put up with them sometimes! Insects (depending on your perspective) can be exquisitely beautiful or infinitely icky, and Arkansas has its share of interesting insects. Throughout the years Arkansas has seen a host of insects considered as either pests or protected species, and you’ll be the judge on which categories these creatures fit! The next few weeks of summer are sure to be a scorcher and here are 8 bugs to keep an eye on.

8. Beetles

The American burying beetle was declared endangered by the federal government in 1989. In Arkansas, this species occurs in five counties in the western part of the state, mostly on federal lands. The Japanese beetle, the most economically damaging pest of turf and landscape plantings in the eastern United States, arrived as larvae with nursery stock in the late 1990s and is now well established in the central and northwestern parts of the Natural State. Arkansas pine forests are home to southern pine beetles.